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This world is so full of shit. There’s just too much hatred, intolerance, and violence. Somehow good people always end up getting trampled on by bad people.

Living in such a disgusting world is just too difficult at times. 

I know I have it good in comparison to others around the world, but just that fact makes me more sad. I hate that innocent children are dying and barely anyone gives a shit. I hate that people have become so desensitized to murder and rape. You hear about those stories on the news and most Americans just continue their daily lives without so much as a thought about how others might feel.

I hate racists. I hate terrorists. I hate cancer. I hate rapists and child molesters. I hate selfish people. I hate politics. I hate ignorant people! 

I honestly don’t blame people who commit suicide because they are the ones who see the truth of this world and the people who live in it. Evil people always dominate, while good people die. 

Maybe I’m just crying because a good family friend died today of cancer.. or probably because too much is happening right now in my life 

Why do uneducated Americans insist that Islam has a different God of their own called “Allah”…. Seriously people…

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are called the Abrahamic religions because they all follow the God of Abraham. That’s the one, same God followed by all 3 religions. 

Also “Allah” literally translates to God. 

The Kurdish word for God is “Xwa.” So we say that while Arabs say “Allah,” and the english speaking world says “God.” 

I cringe when people assume things about Islam, or any other topic for that matter, that is untrue. If you don’t know something, then don’t assume and certainly don’t go around trying to spread that ignorance all over the internet.